Holland Precision B.V. is a mechanical engineering company offering many years of experience in precision technology, manufacturing technology and product development.



Engineering and Prototyping in the field of precise mechanical or mechatronic systems, precision components, production equipment, measuring equipment and products.

Solid Edge is used for drawing / designing supported by static and dynamic FEM. Our programming language is Python

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The strengths of Holland Precision B.V.:

  • Innovative.
  • Creative.
  • No nonsense.
  • Experience from practice.
  • Recognize complexity and go for simplicity.
  • Get the job done.

Confidentiality is always a requirement when designing and developing a prototype or test setup, because Holland Precision B.V. has its own production and testing facilities, everything can be realized in-house. In this way we guarantee confidentiality and quality.

The advantages of this working method:

Extremely short lines of communication.
No miscommunication.

Rapid production capacity (shortest possible throughput time).
Total quality under 1 roof.
Hardly any outsourcing, if at all.

If the process requires any outsourcing of production tasks, Holland Precision has a vast range of outsourcing companies (in the Netherlands and Germany) at its disposal guaranteed by NDAs and always in consultation with the customer.